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The Tatted Shuttle was developed in August/September 2010 in cooperation between Chris Hinton of the Shuttle Shop and Anne Bruvold (aka AnneB). Chris came up with the idea and is making the shuttles and AnneB designed the patterns.

The shuttle is made of three pieces of tatting encased in epoxy; two blades and a matching ring for the post.

How to get one

You have several options on how to get one. You can either tat two motifs yourself and send them to the Shuttle Shop and get a shuttle with tatting of your own. These motifs can either be from one of the patterns designed by AnneB or other motifs of your choice. You should take care that the motifs are not too big (see below).

You can also buy shuttles with motifs tatted by AnneB. These may vary in colour and thread size.

The Shuttle Shop does not have their own internet pages yet. In order to get in contact with them to get a shuttle, please send Erin Hinton an e-mail.

Choosing thread

The patterns are designed for different thread sizes. However, by changing the thread size you can change the size of the shuttle. Threads thicker than size 20 should not be used and thinner threads make a nicer blade.

Through the testing stage high quality cotton threads were used (Lizbeth 20 and 40, and DMC 80). Other fibres as silk and rayon have not been tested yet and should be avoided.

Choosing colour

The colour of the thread will become darker when encased in the epoxy, and will closely resemblance the colours of wet thread. Brighter colours will appear more delicate.

White will on the other hand be too bright and not show up good at the transparent shuttles.


The size of the motifs may vary with the tension of the tatter and the choice of thread. The blades should be no larger than 3.2-4 cm or 1-1 inches wide and
7.6-9 cm or 3-3 inches long.

Below you'll find patterns for the shuttle blade motifs designed for the shuttle by AnneB, Click on the link to open the pattern, click on the photo for a larger version. At the Tatting Forums you'll find other suggestions on patterns for the shuttle.

Thread size 20
Thread size 40
Thread size 80


The Post Rings should be of a diameter of 6-7 mm or inches, circumference 18-21 mm (0.7-0.8 in). The number of double stitches is dependent of the tension of the tatter. Start by trying these and adjust if needed.

Thread Size 20 40 80
Double stitches 16 dst  20 dst  24 dst

Designing your own motif

You may choose to use other motifs for the shuttle or design patterns of your own. Keep in mind that the blades should be no larger than 3.2 cm or 1 inches wide and 7.6 cm or 3 inches long. Also remember the notes on the choice of thread and colour for your motif.

Finally your motif should stay flat without too much work on the blocking part (see below).

Preparing for sending

When the motifs are tatted they should need only a gentle blocking to stay flat. Soaking in water and pressing flat with your fingers should be enough. If you need to use needles, steam and starch to make it stay flat, you need to adjust the pattern or your tension. By soaking in water you also get a preview of the final colour.

When the tatting is dry, slip the motifs in a small plastic bag in case of heavy rain or leaking neighbours  in the mail, put it in an envelope with a note on what it is and the return address for the finished shuttle and send it to the Shuttle Shop (see How to get one).

Updated: 21.09. 2010 by AnneB